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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I've had the pleasure and honour to shoot the latest AW20 Womenswear and Menswear for the brand GODWIN CHARLI specialising in tailored fashion for Men and Women.

Godwin creates world class garments that underline his customer’s individuality and the brand’s exacting standards of quality, design & premium fabrication.

Godwin took the time he needed to choose the right photographer for this collection and the potential following ones and I'm really flattered he choose me amongst the 50 other photographers that contacted him.


Art Direction and Creativity

Godwin had a really sharp idea of the result he wanted for this shoot and also the aesthetic he had in mind. We went all in with a street style photoshoot in Melbourne's CBD which matched perfectly his garment's colours.

Shooting early morning was the best time as the sun was rising in between the buildings allowing me to be creative with the lighting and come up with different light setup which is definitely what I love about location shoots.

I used some building facades as massive reflectors to fill in the model's faces most part of the shoot and used the back light of the sun to create some nice flares.

What I love about this kind of photoshoot is that even thought there is a specific direction and aesthetic the client wants to achieve, there are still a lot of space for creativity.

Half way through the shoot, the sun was coming straight in Godwin's Showroom Street giving us a hard and contrasty morning light. I used the building behind us to create a shadow onto half of Ben's body and I asked Godwin to place his hand in front of the model's face to create an interesting shadow, I then edited it in Black and white and even if the garment is not perfectly showcased in this shot, the result looks stunning.

Sony A73 + Sigma 85mm: BEAST OF A SETUP!!!

I shot most part of the collection with the Sony A73 + the Sigma Art Series 85mm f1.4 and also some of the wider shots with the Sigma Art Series 24-70mm f2.8. This A73 + 85mm combo is a beast of a set up in terms of sharpness, incredible fast AF speed that helped me capture the best of the models on set. The only down size of the #85mm is its weight but I guess it's the price to pay for a great glass quality hey!

On both lens I shot at the widest aperture possible to detach the model from the background and I tried my best to use different angles to create some dynamic along the shoot.

During most part of the shoot, I asked both models to walk towards or away from me and cross the street multiple times as I wanted to create some movement on the photos.

Shooting at a lower level close to the ground for full bodies also gives a sense of power in your subject.

I also made sure that the models were comfortable and also

So that's it for me today and I hope you liked that article.

What is your favourite lens to shoot fashion?

Please let me know in the comments section below :)

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